Our lead organizers are working hard on a daily basis to make sure WP Accessibility Day 2020 is a great event for the WordPress community! We still have a need for organizers to help plan the event, particularly to help develop content & plan the technical details of our streaming setup! Join us in the WordPress Slack channel #accessibility-events to help out.


Saint Paul, MN

Organizing Team

It takes a lot of people to put together a big event like this; please share your thanks to our great organizing team members!


Saint-Péray, Ardèche, France


Latiano, Brindisi - Italy


València, Spain


Thank you to all of our volunteers! Volunteers are introducing and handling question/answer sessions, moderating chat, and keeping an eye on everything throughout the event. This wouldn’t work without their commitments!

  • Abdullah Qamar
  • Ahmed Kabir Chaion
  • Allie Nimmons
  • Amanda Bailey
  • Amanda Beaty
  • Amber Hinds
  • Animesh Gaurav
  • Danang Aprias Noor Fadilla
  • David Vogelpohl
  • Deni Afrizal
  • Emmanual Joseph
  • Hareesh S
  • Heather New
  • I Kadek Wijaya Sasmitha Adhi Chandra
  • Jeff Adams
  • John Brandt
  • Kashif Rafique
  • Kayla Demopoulos
  • Kelvin Muneene
  • Kevin Bazira
  • Lauren Lynn
  • Megan Rose
  • Mike Demo
  • Monique Dubberman
  • Pattie Reaves
  • Prabath Samarasinghe
  • Robert Remedios
  • Zsolt Edelenyi