Introduction to Web Accessibility Courses

A11y Collective Certificate hanging on a wall (illustration)

Impacting Digital Accessibility

The A11Y Collective, based out of the Netherlands, are doing their part to empower a broad audience to include digital accessibility in their workflow! Whether you are looking to further your personal or professional development, are a designer, web developer, content marketer, editor, project manager or a business owner, look no further.

The A11Y Collective launched its e-learning platform with several courses on accessible web design, code, and content this past Spring. Their goal is to allow more people to learn how to create, design, build, and write accessibly so that everyone can use the web. Creating awareness about the importance of accessible websites is critical to ensure world wide web access.

The course content is explained via video, text, and of course, includes closed-captioning in English and Spanish (Dutch will follow soon), which allows for learning at your own pace. Practice makes perfect, and you are encouraged to practice what you’ve learned right away. To further help with this, each course provides unlimited access for 6 months.

Every course will finish with a final exam, either an assignment or several questions to test your understanding. A personal certificate will be provided upon completing the final exam.

The A11Y Collective Buzz 

The A11Y Collective makes it easy to get started. So easy that they offer a complementary Try-Out Class! Yes, complementary! Brilliant! You don’t have to take it, but they don’t want any financial obstacles to learning about accessibility for all. 

Gotten enthusiastic about their courses? Then deepen your knowledge in their fun and easy to navigate inclusive design to continue your “accessibility training” journey.’ 

Courses for Everyone

Web accessibility, the basics, is the recommended course to start with. It provides a broad overview for all professions, with guidelines, tips, and tricks.

Writing-accessible-content-for-the-web is specifically designed for content marketers/editors following web content accessibility guidelines (wcag). This course is a solid foundation in building or creating content for websites. It clearly explains how to improve website content accessibility with a few easy to implement tips and tricks.

Accessible design, the basics allows you to become a better designer by creating a better user experience for everyone so they keep coming back. This course also teaches the importance of being aware of the many different ways in which someone can visit and navigate a website.

Accessible code encourages you to adopt a specific mindset to learn everything you need to know about writing accessible code. Because then everyone can use and enjoy your web pages, no matter which assistive technologies they use, such as screen readers. (Coming Soon) 

Mastermind Courses 

The masterclass Web Accessibility, the business case, explores insights about the “business” side of Web Accessibility in-depth. You will learn ways to embrace opportunities and mitigate threats in addition to how to positively impact those who are disabled, including your business, to increase income and save costs. This is a free course!

More masterclasses will be added in the future.


Their highly selected trainers are top authority figures. They have years of experience in the field of web accessibility, combined with passion. Experience their passion and down to earth vibe as you delve into each course. 

Make an Impact 

Broadening your skills with this vital knowledge allows you to easily incorporate them into your daily work. This will provide access for not only people with disabilities but for the aging population as well. Don’t forget those with short term health setbacks, with various cognitive learning capabilities and whom work across multiple devices and environments. They all need access as well.

The A11Y Collective’s ambition is to globally spread knowledge about Web Accessibility. We invite you to join their mission, not only in your business, but in our world. We have the power to do this together! The ability to make the web accessible together! 

Learn more about their courses at The A11Y Collective.