WP Accessibility Day will be streamed live on YouTube, with live captioning provided by Quality Transcription Specialists. After the event is over, the videos will be professionally captioned and made available on YouTube as they are finished! Follow the WP Accessibility team on Twitter or subscribe to our email list to get updates.

Problems with Captions?

While we’ll have captions streamed directly to YouTube, there’s always a chance that something will go wrong with the Zoom or YouTube integrations. If that happens, and you can’t see captions on YouTube, you can follow them at StreamText:

Question & Answer

We’ll have volunteer monitors and moderators following and contributing to chat throughout the event, but the speakers will not be in chat during talks. Each talk will have space for a question and answer period at the end; please ask your questions in chat, and moderators will post them to the talk’s dedicated Question and Answer section on the website. Moderators will filter out duplicate or similar questions, but if you don’t see your question show up on the site, don’t hesitate to ask it again to make sure somebody sees it!

Costs & Registration

All aspects of the event are free to the public, with no registration required. However, we’d lovingly appreciate it if you would let us know that you watched part of the event and share any comments you have!

All speaker, volunteers, and chat participants are expected to follow the WP Accessibility Day Code of Conduct.